Disinfect Your Vehicle

Recent unprecedented events in the world have taught everyone that our hands and all the things we touch must be sanitized, not only look clean. Cars are no less important when it comes to cleaning and sanitization.

Let’s quickly check some simple ways to disinfect the inside and outside of cars.

  • Soap and Water for The Body
  • Alcohol-Based Disinfectants
  • Avoid Natural Organic Cleaners
  • Self-Protection Equipment
  • Leather and Upholstery Cleaning

Soap and Water for The Body

The World Health Organization and other relevant authorities have come forward to state that using soap and water to clean the exterior body of cars is just what you need. This not only makes the car visibly clean but kills several disease-causing germs. A lot of professionals these days use the best biodegradable products to clean vehicles instead of harsh chemicals. Some harsh chemicals are not only harmful to the paint but can also pose a health risk.

Alcohol-Based Disinfectants

Disinfectants having more than seventy per cent of Iso Propyl Alcohol are best recommended for the disinfection of vehicle interior items. This makes the interior components visibly spotless while clearing off all harmful substances. But please be careful using alcohol-based disinfectants in certain interior materials. The use of cleaning substances that do not have the proper disinfection properties are refrained by most professionals.

Avoid Natural Organic Cleaners

Many internet news sources have been spreading the word that natural substances such as vinegar, vodka, and oak tree oil are good cleaning substitutes. Several types of research have proven that these materials do not have the right amount of disinfecting properties. They do have cleaning properties but are not effective on a vast number of harmful germs and viruses. Professionals are advised not to believe in such hoaxes and only use products that have been proven to be useful through proper research.

Self-Protection Equipment

Proper clothing and gear must be worn to protect the person cleaning the car. Germs can get transferred from the car to the cleaner and also from cleaner to car. Simple equipment such as face masks, hand gloves, head caps, and rubber shoes can act as a barrier between the car and cleaner. Professionals should use such equipment so that no car gets contaminated.

Leather and Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery can easily be cleaned with disinfecting substances, but leather is a whole another ball game. If leather is improperly cleaned, it can deplete its natural oils. This leads to it becoming less flexible and cracks appear. Harmful substances such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide are refrained from being used. Instead, cleaning just with soap water and microfiber cloths is preferred.



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