Improve Your Directory Listing Performance

Top tips to improve listing performance. To start, set competitive prices and upload high-quality images.

Optimizing your listings to attract more attention and increase bookings of your services can feel like a daunting challenge. With so many details to consider, it can be tough to know where to start. By focusing on selected areas that matter the most to potential clients, you can help your listings stand out and get fully booked with premium value services.


  • There are plenty of things you can do to make your listings stand out to clients
  • Make sure you update your listings regularly
  • Try weekly pricing to help your services compete all week

Set Competitive Prices

Price is one of the main factors clients consider when comparing listings, so it’s important that you set prices you believe are competitive for your listing in your local area. A good practice is to consider adjusting prices to reflect demand fluctuations throughout the year. Try seasonal pricing and promotions to help your listings compete year-round.

Determine the right pricing for your listings.

Upload High-Quality Images

Your images, especially the first three a potential client sees, set the tone for your listing. Eye-catching, inviting images to help your services stand out in search results – and help clients picture their cars and a positive experience. Upload at least 5 high-quality images, including car exterior, car interior, and examples of services provided. Write clear, descriptive captions to help clients understand what they’re looking at and why it matters.

Post great listing images.

Keep Listings Updated

Review your listings regularly to make sure they accurately describe what services you currently offer. Consider refreshing your listing titles to fit different seasons or attract new potential business clients. But please stay within title recommendations. We regularly add new opportunities for you to add details about what you offer. Look for opportunities to make updates on your dashboard, and check your listing details from time to time to make sure they are complete.

Learn how your listings are performing.

Use Your Reviews to Improve

Reviews can have a big effect on search performance. Regularly read your reviews and pay attention to ratings to discover ways to improve your clients’ experience and track your progress towards earning Super Pro status.

Understand all the categories clients use to rate their experience.

Keep in mind that even the most successful listings are works in progress – not perfect, finished works of art. By continuing to update, adjust, and improve your listings, you’ll have the best chance of attracting more attention and generating more bookings.



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