How Wash.GT Search Works

Find out what factors impact search and how to help boost your ranking.

You’ve created and published a fabulous service listing, and now your partners and clients want to check it out. How do they find it? And among all the listings out there, how does Wash.GT’s search ranking algorithm decide which ones to show a potential client searching in your area? Learn what factors influence your listing’s search ranking, and understand how to make sure you can find your own listing in search.


  • Wash.GT uses more than 100 signals to decide how to order listings in search results
  • To help boost your ranking: price competitively, and accept more bookings
  • To find your listing: Match your search criteria to your listing’s booking settings, requirements, and available dates
  • Discover more in our complete guide to setting up a successful listing

Wash.GT Search Basics

WashGT’s search algorithm considers more than 100 signals to decide how to order listings in search results. It’s designed to match clients to the listings they want, based on thousands of examples of searches that have led to bookings in the past. It’s also personalized for each client based on factors like location, previous jobs, and saved listings. Not every signal is weighed equally, and you don’t need to have a perfect listing or an unbeatable location for your listing to rank well.

Key Ranking Factors

  • 1. How attractive your listing is to clients
    Wash.GT’s algorithm considers how often clients click on your listing, how often clients attempt to contact you from your listing page, and how many booking requests you accept. If lots of clients add your listing to their wish lists, it will also rank higher, and those clients will be likely to find your listing again in future searches.
  • 2. Price
    Wash.GT takes into account how competitive your listing price is compared with other similar services in your area. The search algorithm considers your total price after taxes, including any discounts or additional fees. Setting a competitive price can help improve your search ranking since the best-priced listings in any given region tend to be listed higher.
  • 3. Availability
    Your listing will appear in more search results if your calendar has lots of dates open, or if you have VIP services turned on. The more open dates you offer, the more chances your listing will have to appear in various searches – and if you use VIP, your listing will appear whenever clients search for VIP listings in your area.

Tip: Responding to requests within 24 hours can help improve your ranking in search.

Boost Your Ranking

  • Make a fabulous first impression: Make sure your first image is a bright, high-quality, horizontal image of your listing. The more clicks you get from curious clients, the more likely you are to rank higher in search results over time. An enticing and realistic photo of a perfectly cleaned car is a great way to show off your services.
  • Be responsive: Responding to requests within 24 hours can help improve your ranking in search.
  • Accept bookings: Because getting rejected while trying to book is a poor experience for clients, repeatedly declining booking requests can negatively affect your search ranking. That said, it’s occasionally necessary to decline a booking.
  • Be a Super Pro: Although Wash.GT doesn’t give an explicit boost to Super Pros in search, the factors required to become a Super Pro – like positive ratings, high response rate, and being regularly booked – do tend to help your listing rank higher. Clients also have the option to filter their search results to display only Super Pros’ listings.

Finding Your Listing

  • Make sure your search criteria match the settings and requirements you’ve established for your listing.
  • Check whether your dates meet your minimum requirements and that you’re searching for dates that are available on your calendar.
  • Remember that every client sees a slightly personalized feed, based on their past Wash.GT browsing history / and searching on a different device or in an incognito window might change your search results.
  • If your listing has a special feature – for example, if you do ceramic coating – try adding that filter to your search; you might not be at the top of a general search in your area, but you might be closer to the top of a search for services that have that special feature.



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